Feb 8, 2013

Bitgamer is gone

Bitgamer is gone

2006 - 2012

We've reached the end of the ride. bitGAMER has been an amazingly fun ride, but all rides must come to an end.

For those who don't know, bitGAMER began as a small sister-site of Underground Gamer. What started as a side-project of several UG staff members quickly grew into a 65,000 member behemoth with an identity all its own. Our small hobby project turned into something that went well beyond all of our dreams.

Of course, you all know that the legal climate has changed over the years, so we won't bore you with that stuff. More importantly, the founders are simply ready to move on with their lives. Running an immensely popular gaming tracker is rewarding, but it's also a very stressful, and often thankless, task. We hope that closing this door will open other doors in our lives, and that we can take all of the lessons we've learned from bitGAMER into the next phase of our lives.

The bitGAMER community has been incredible since the beginning. We want to take this moment to thank each and every member of the community who contributed in any way and allowed this community to thrive for so long.

Thank you,

// bG Staff

BitGamer was one of the greatest games trackerz in the world,sadly we can say

"GoodBye BG"

Dec 25, 2012

XSpeeds.com review


(previously XtremeSpeeds)

 Tracker URL::http://xspeeds.com
Tracker Signups::Open now(25/12/2012)

Open Tracker: Movie-Torrentz - Quality Movies, Blu-Ray, Mp4, 3D & TV Torrents..

Open Tracker: Movie-Torrentz - Quality Movies, Blu-Ray, Mp4, 3D & TV Torrents

Tracker Name
Movie-Torrentz - Dedicated Movies & TV Torrents
    Quality Movies, Blu-Ray, Mp4, 3D & TV Torrents.. the home of ViP3R& RG
Closing Date
01/01/2013 - Invite Only From Then On...

Open Tracker: DownLand (DL)

Tracker Name
DownLand (DL)